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5. Kompanie / Grossdeutschland

We welcome all inqueries.

How much does this cost? How can I attend an event? Do I need a uniform? Can I come watch? What if I don't speak German? How do you know if you hit somone? Do you use real guns? Are you all crazy? What about my teenage son? Where do you do this? When is the next event? Does anyone live near me? Can I meet somone? How do I join? Can I take photos? Can you come do a display? What if I wanted to do a different impression? Do you camp outdoors? Isn't that uniform hot? Can I bring my horse? Can I be a medic? What do you think of this item? Do girls do this? Can I use this?

For answers to these and other important questions,
please contact us and we promise to provide you with a prompt response.


For information about Army Group 1944 and our Allied friends please go here:


Grossdeutschland is available for public displays and productions.

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