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5. Kompanie / Grossdeutschland Photo Album

ACHTUNG PANZER! - Adair, OR - May 2015
Armored Tactical Battle

5. Kp's, and indeed all of Army Group 1944's, first ever armored combat event. Tank slugging matches and anti-armor infantry tactics carried the day.

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1st Annual SkyFair Display - Mukilteo, WA - July 2014
Skyfair Display

A fun day of photos, questions, tanks, and warbirds.

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D-Day tactical Battle - Goldendale, WA - June 2014
The Battle for Normandy

The Allied invasion had begun! A sunny day full of paratroopers, partizans, and yours truly, not to mention all the action that took place.

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Armed Forces Day Displays - Ft. Lewis, WA - May 2014
Armed Forces Day

There was us, the Sun, the public, and even an impromptu battle with ancient armies. What more could you want?!.

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Operation Bagration,1944 Ost-Front Tactical Battle - Goldendale, WA - April 2014
Operation Bagration

Soviets hot on our tail as we skillfully retreat back across Belarus.

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Bastogne, Ardennes Offensive Tactical Battle - Harvard, ID - February 2014
Siege of Bastogne

Braving the negative degree weather to go on the offensive one last time.

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Ost West Kampf!, All Fronts Tactical Battle - Warrenton, OR - December 2013
Ost West Kampf!

We once again took the battle to the Elbe in our annual 1945 all-fronts tactical battle, 'Ost-West Kampf!

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Ost West Kampf!, All Fronts Tactical Battle - Warrenton, OR - December 2011
Ost West Kampf!

The greatest battle of the year was amazing. We fought hordes of Soviets, British, Partisans and Americans in a massive WWII tactical battle.

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Infanterie Training 1944, Western Front - Harvard, ID - September 2011
Infanterie Training 1944

An opportunity to for us to learn, drill and practice some of the stuff it takes to be a GD Grenadier.

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Sevastapol 1942 Eastern Front Event - Goldendale, WA - August 2011
Sevastapol 1942 Eastern Front

This is our units very first event attending as Grossdeutschland.

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Armed Forces Day Public Display - Ft. Lewis, WA - May 2011
Armed Forces Day Public Display - Ft. Lewis, WA

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Battle of Arnhem, 1944 - Camp Rilea, OR - April 2011
Battle of Arnhem, 1944 - Camp Rilea, OR

Days 3 & 4 of the battle for Arnhem, especially the fighting between Oosterbeek to Arnhem. The combat terrain lent itself readily to the real fighting that occurred. At this event the combat was objective oriented. The 352 Infanterie Division, after retreating from the devastating battle in Normandy, found itself in action again during Operation Market Garden. At the event we held off XXX Corp outside of Grave, Holland. Later we joined the Waffen SS against the remaining British forces in Arnhem. After an extremely tough battle, our most difficult opponent was finally out of ammo and was forced surrender.

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Swing Armistisc 1944 - Spokane, WA - March 2011
Swing Armistice 1944 - Spokane, WA

The inaugural Swing Armistice 1944 – the 352 Infanterie Division “fraternized freely” while cutting the rug to a guilt-free sampling of swing jazz confection featuring The Stolen Sweets of Portland, Oregon, LIVE! Among many prohibited activities during World War II, The United States prohibited fraternization with Germans, and Germany prohibited dancing and listening to swing music! Thankfully today you can do both at the same time at the inaugural Swing Armistice 1944 at the Glover Mansion! Members of WWII re-enactment club Army Group 1944 will be out in full force, with members of both American and German re-enactment battalions, dancing and fraternizing freely to the swingin’ sounds of Portland, Oregon’s The Stolen Sweets.

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Siege of Bastogne - Winter on the Western Front 44-45 - February 2011
Siege of Bastogne - Ardennes Forest 44-45 - Moscow, ID

An American airborne regiment from the 101st Airborne Division has been surrounded in Bastogne, and is now putting up stubborn resistance. This Belgian town has huge strategic significance, as all seven of the Ardennes mountain roads converge here. Control of these crossroads is vital if our attack toward Antwerp is to be successful, and final victory in the West. Capture Bastogne and destroy all enemy resistance in the area. You will be given support from XLVII Panzer Corp.

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Ost West Kampf - Germany 1945 - December 2010
Ost West Kampf - Germany 1945 - Warrenton, OR

April 25, 1945, was the date Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany, marking an important step toward the end of the World War II in Europe. In this battle we portrayed the remnants of the 352 Volksgrenadier Division, a heavily armed infantry formation designed to increase combat effectiveness and firepower but with a reduction in manpower.

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Ruhr Pocket - Germany 1945 - October 2010
Ruhr Pocket - Germany 1945 - Moscow, ID

The Ruhr Pocket was a battle of encirclement that took place in late March and early April 1945, near the end of World War II, in the Ruhr Area of Germany. For all intents and purposes, it marked the end of major organized resistance on Nazi Germany's Western Front, as more than 300,000 troops were taken prisoner.

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Battle of St. Lo - Allied Operation Cobra - September 2010
Battle of St. Lo - Colville, WA

The 352 fought bravely against the never ending Allied attacks. Wave after of wave of American soldiers assaulted. Slowly we were pushed out of our forward positions and further and further back, finally fighting doggedly from our strongest point. A bunker and trench line rapidly prepared only moments before the Allied Attack.

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SkyFest 2010 Public Event - July 2010
SkyFest 2010 Public Event - Spokane, WA

The 352 attended with Army Group 1944 and setup a WWII Living History display for the public. The event was a smashing success with 150,000 people attending. As our units first public showing in the region we were very well received by the United States Air Force and the viewing public. We are already looking forward to the next airshow.

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WWII Filming Event - June 2010
WWII Filming, Oregon

The 352 was invited out to do some filming for a WWII movie being filmed locally. Between shots we were able to get some photos of our own.

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Propaganda Photography

Frozen Forever Photography

Oregon. November 2009)

Occasionally our high standard of excellence and authenticity are noted from the outside. We were recently asked if some of our members would like to pose period photography. Our impression makes an excellent subject for photographers and we enjoy the opportunity to get a few good shots taken by a real professional. This time it was Grady from Frozen Forever Photography.

We arranged to have the photographer on site and ready to go Sunday before lunch time at our most recent event. He was going to have everything setup by the time we returned from the Sunday morning battle. Most events end about noon so we thought this would work out perfectly. We would all have our gear on and were tired, dirty and miserable from the constant rain and mud.

This event was an exception, and by 10:30 we were back at the barracks and cleaning up. After the excitement of realistic tactical battle and the Kameraderie of seeing my friends, I had completely forgotten about the photographer. When he arrived I was completely dumbfounded and very embarrassed that were we totally unprepared. It turned out I was the only one still in uniform and after the hard weekend no one volunteered to unpack his stuff and put his uniform back on.

Fortunately for us, Grady was totally cool with the mistake and didn't have to travel too far. So we used this opportunity to try a few things out and get some photos, as well as arrange for another visit and involve more of the men the next time around.

Obergefreiter Klaus Schüßler

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