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We are always looking for new members just like you.

The primary requirements for membership in Grossdeutschland is a genuine interest in history, a commitment to excellence, a desire to create an accurate impression, and Kameradschaft (comradeship).

All members of GD experience an atmosphere of camaraderie, interest, excitement and fun. If you have a passion for history, enjoy the outdoors, and would love to engage in a very challenging hobby, we would like to hear from you.

We participate in Living History Programs including public interpretations, historic films, and tactical events.

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US Pacific Northwest

Our members come from the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and British Columbia. We are accepting members throughout the area, or anywhere that isn't too far for you. Most events take place in Washington, Oregon and North Idaho, although we do occasionally travel as far as California for special events (think Panzers).

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Commitment to Excellence

Authenticity is our major focus and each event will have its own additional requirements, all depending upon the historical period we will be portraying.

Events occur in all terrain and weather conditions: deserts, forests, mountains, marshes, rain or snow. Physical fitness and the willingness to sleep outdoors is a requirement for safety and furthers our efforts for an accurate impression.

GD typically participates in six events a year with numerous public appearences throughout.

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Your new hobby does cost money, but don't think you have to collect everything before you can join. The most important cost is in putting together your impression. This can vary depending upon how hard you search for deals and the individual details you are after. The group also makes loaner gear available for you to use, but as a general rule you should strive to obtain the basic kit by the end of your first year of membership.

CAUTION: don't obtain just anything. Not everything is suitable for use, period appropriate or is just a waste of money. Before purchasing anything you should consult with an experienced unit member. Doing so will save you a lot of time and money. We hold it to be true that any member with the wrong items cheapens the impression and experience for everyone. Collecting your uniform and gear is also a lot of fun, and you will learn a lot in the process. Additionaly, our members take care of each other and we are all commited to helping you build your impression.

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Other Important Items of Note

  • We are a non-political organization
  • Must be 15+ or attended with a guardian
  • Legally able to carry a firearm
  • Willingness to sleep outdoors and in good physical health
  • A commitment to excellence
  • Yearly membership dues

Initial membership fee is $45. In return you will receive an authentic German dogtag, your training manual, a CD of marching songs and a song book. Additionaly, upon graduating training you will be awarded with your Grossdeutschland Cuff Title.

5. Kompanie / Grossdeutschland is in no way related to any political organization past or present. Our group does not support, condone, or allow any activity which could bring discredit upon its members, the organization or our parent club. NO neo-nazi or extremist activity is allowed or tolerated.

If you would like to speak with a unit representative, see how you can attend one of our events,
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